8 Tips for a Great Halloween Bash

If you are going to have a Halloween party, you want everyone to remember it. Below are eight tips that you can use to help your Halloween party be the best!

Make your invitation spooky

Even though you may have already sent out a Facebook invite or emails about your party, you can also send out some c spooky and creative paper invites. When you invite them with fun invitations, it’s going to help your guests with getting excited about the party.

Have a spooky playlist

There are a lot of great songs that you can play during your Halloween party. A couple of great options are Thriller by Michael Jackson, Monster Mash, and many others. Just take a look and see what kind of music is perfect for your Halloween party.

Create a photo booth

This is especially a great idea if you are having people come dressed up in Halloween costumes. There a lot of props that you can buy online to help people make fun and spooky pictures to help them remember the party.

Have the right kind of food

There are plenty of cute, fun foods that are sure to fill your guests with some delicious goodness for Halloween. You can make some macaroni and cheese using noodle shaped like pumpkins, and then make some mac & cheese bites out of them. Check online for some recipes that you can use to make delicious and fun Halloween treats for your guests.

Drinks & utensils

Want to really create some fun times for your guests? You can put googly eyes on your cups to make them look as if they are looking out it your guests. You also can create a funny labels for bottles of hard cider and beer and then they will be instantly transformed into spooky Halloween treats.


Depending on who is coming to your party, you can have some spooky Halloween movies playing during your party. If you’re having a lot of kids over, you want to make sure that you are showing movies that aren’t too spooky. If it’s mostly adults, break out the scary stuff!


If there’s a lot of orange in your house with dessert and food choices, you should think about getting some white pumpkins to break up the orange. You can make them sparkly using glitter. Using white pumpkins is going to create a chic and neutral background for your utensils and eats to shine.

House Décor

One thing that you want is a great display for your house’s façade, and one of the best ways that you can do it is through creating classic jack-o’-lanterns. Whether you cut them out or you paint them onto the pumpkins, a jack-o’-lantern is one of the best ways that you can decorate your house for Halloween.

These are eight things that you can do to help everyone have fun at your party. From food to movies to décor and music, just about everything is covered!