8 Tips for a Great Outdoor Party in the Fall

Just because the weather has gotten cooler doesn’t mean that you have to stop entertaining outside. Fall is one of the perfect times to have an outdoor party because the humidity is lower end the air is crisp and clear. Below are eight tips that you can use to have the perfect outdoor fall party.


During the fall, it will get dark earlier. So you want to figure out your lighting solutions beforehand if you think that your party is going to go beyond the afternoon. Luminaries made of Mason jars and string lights can give you some light, along with providing an atmosphere for your party.

Fire pit

Few things are more cozy and relaxing than sitting around something like a fire pit. Fire pits are great because they provide more than one purpose. They provide warmth, atmosphere, and light. You can also roast marshmallows and cook hotdogs over them.

Signature beverage

Whether you’re planning to have a party for adults or it’s a mixed party, one of the things you want to have is a special beverage. For the adults, autumn sangria is a great choice. For a younger crowd who cannot drink alcohol yet, apple cider is a delicious option. There are many recipes online that you can choose from or you can buy ready-made.

Outdoor games

Is the outside party for kids? You’re going to want to have some kid-friendly games and activities during the party. Decorating pumpkins, scavenger hunts, and even lawn games are a great choice when you’re hosting your fall outdoor party.


If you have a large enough property, one of the best things that you can do is have a hayride. Guests of all ages are going to love this fun activity, and it can kill an hour of your time.


Even if you don’t have a fire pit or a fire going, you can have s’mores as a treat for your guests. Baked s’mores are easy! Just pour a bag of chocolate morsels into a pin made of cast-iron and top it with marshmallows. Then bake it 350° for just 10 minutes. Give your guests graham crackers, and they can scoop it up.

Serve Tasty Treats

When it comes to food, you don’t have to go crazy. It’s best to keep it rustic and simple and make sure that you’re emphasizing the season’s bounty. A delicious and easy way to feed your guests is with a cheeseboard covered with nuts, figs, and honey from local beekeepers. You can also make baked apples and some pumpkin hummus to serve at the party.


One of the things every fall party needs to have pumpkins. They have a lot of uses as well. You can hollow one of your pumpkins out and use it for your ice bucket. You also can make some pumpkin soup, then serve in a pumpkin that you have hollowed out. Pumpkin seeds that have been roasted also make a tasty salty treat that you can add to your cheeseboard. Finally, you can have a pumpkin decorating contest for the adults and the kids. The adults can do the carving, and you can provide the children with different small items that they can use to decorate their pumpkins so that you don’t have to worry about injury.

As you can see, having a fall party outside can be as fun as having one during the summer. Just make sure that you are preparing for any eventuality and that you have the right food and games for your guests. This will help ensure that everyone has a great time at your party.