8 Tips for Children’s Birthday Party at a Park or Playground

One of the best things that you can do when your child is having a birthday party is go to a playground or park. If you decide to do that, below are eight tips that you can use to make sure that the party is a success.

1. Buy Perfect Party Favors

When you are having a birthday party at a playground, you want to give the kids favors that are perfect for using outside. You can buy them balls, jump ropes, bubbles and other small items that they can use at the party.

2. Have Cold Drinks and Snacks

Kids are going to get dehydrated when they are playing outside. So you want to cold drinks for them to have like water and Capri-Suns. Having snacks is also a good idea, such as chips and fruit snacks. Having small bags of chips and giving each child their own bag of chips is better so that germs don’t get mixed up.

3. Buy Short Water Bottles

You are going to save a lot of money by purchasing smaller water bottles rather than full sized ones, since kids probably will forget they have the bottle. This way a lot less water is wasted and.

4. Have Strong Tape

Duct tape is a great choice if it’s windy. It will help with keeping your tablecloths on tables if or to keep the balloons from blowing away. You also want to bring matches or lighter for the candles, scissors, and something to bring the gifts home.

5. Bring Outdoor Activities

Along with giving the kids outdoor things for favors, bring things like balls, sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, bubbles and other things for the kids to play with. You can also encourage your guests to bring their outdoor stuff too.

6. Scout out Bathrooms

If you have kids as guests, someone is going to need to use the bathroom. So you want to make sure you know where the bathrooms are ahead of time and where the kids can go if there aren’t bathrooms at the park or playground.

7. Be Ready for Injuries and Problems

When kids are playing, there is always a chance for injuries. So make sure that you have a first-aid kit so that if anyone gets scratched or other kinds of boo-boo’s that kids might get. It’s also a good idea to have suntan lotion for the kids so they don’t get burned.

8. Have a Backup Plan

We all know how the weather can change without a warning. So you want to make sure that you have another plan in case it decides to rain at the last minute or the weather isn’t good for being outside.

These are 8 tips that you can use for having a birthday party at a park or playground. The big thing is that you want to be prepared for anything and that you think about what kids will want to have. This will help everyone have a good time at the party.