7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Tent for Your Wedding

If you’re planning to get married and you want to get married outside, one of the things that you want is to rent a tent. Below are some of the things to consider when you are renting a tent for your wedding.

Think About Style

When you are looking at tents for your wedding, you want to ask about how the tent is constructed so that you know beforehand what type of tent you will be getting. It’s worth noting that the majority of tent canopies that are rented are made of vinyl and they have support frames made of aluminum.

Choosing the quality and style of the tent will be as essential as if you were selecting your indoor venue. It should be visually appealing, especially for photography.

Think About Positioning

Whether you’re going to need one tent or more than one, you should schedule your site check with someone who is experienced, like a sales manager or crew chief. This will assure that the tents that you want to use are going to properly fit in the area that you’ve chosen. This meeting will be in person and it’s also a good time to talk about any issues with leveling. You might want to put the tent near a house or make it face a particular view. But the placement of the tent might need some adjusting due to the slopes.

There are some companies that offer a fully leveled floor, so that’s something that you can consider if you’re particular about where the tent goes. It will provide you with weather protection and superior comfort along with level footing.

Think About Layout

Band stage, gift tables, buffet dance floors and how many bars you have will factor into your layout. Even the shape of the dining tables will affect the tent size of the reception. 60 inch tables that are round will fit into tents very efficiently and they can seat anywhere from 8 to 10 guests. These are a good choice when you have a smaller budget and you want to maximize the amount of square footage. Rectangular long tables take up a lot more room, especially if you’re arranging them individually with 8 to 10 guests at each table. As your plans solidify you should update your tent company if the table that you are choosing is different than the ones that are shown in the diagrams.

Think About Having More than One Tent

Arranging many different tent canopies on a single property for a variety of uses is a great and creative way that you can entertain your guests through your wedding day’s stages. The one that you choose for your outdoor ceremony could be a medium sized oval tent, a small-sized round for your cocktail hour and an oval shaped tent for dancing and dinner. You also can get ones for bridal prep, lounge seating, cigar lounges and areas for kids to play in.


Make sure that you are remembering your catering staff if you’re having it in a space that doesn’t have enough room for your catering staff. In general they are going to need a minimum of 400 sq feet, so choose a tent for your cook. This tent can have solid sides so that its working interior’s shielded from guests. If the weather is going to be bad or it’s a possibility, plan to have a covered walkway from your cook tent and main tent. These can be fully sided.

Think About Having a Contingency Plan

You don’t want to think that the weather could be bad on your wedding day. however, you should plan for this possibility. You are going to find that it’s a lot more manageable with a lot few worries if you have planned for the just in case.

Open and Shut

Most rental tents will have tent sides and they shouldn’t be removed. Weather can change, and you might find that the temperature is dropping or the breeze is picking up. These sides can be rolled up so that you’re able to see the scenery but so that they can rolled back down if they are needed.

These are the things to consider when you are renting a tent or tents for your wedding. They will help you with choosing the right one for your special day.

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