10 Advantages of Having a Winter Wedding

If you are planning a wedding, something that you are going to worry about is when you should get married. A lot of brides choose to get married during the warmer months, during the spring and the summer. But why not get married during the winter instead? You’re going to find that there are quite a few advantages of a winter wedding. Below we’ll look at ten benefits of being married during the winter.

1. A Winter Wedding is Less Stressful

When you are having a winter wedding, it’s going to be less stressful because chances are that you aren’t going to have it outside like you might have a spring or summer wedding. The risk associated with wind and rain will most likely make planning your outdoor wedding potentially costly and extremely stressful. Your guests are also going to be exposed both to cold and heat when you have an outdoor wedding, making them very uncomfortable. The only thing you might have to worry about in a winter wedding is snow. Your winter wedding will mean that there is less stress for everyone, including your vendors, you, your family, and your guests.

2. A Winter Wedding Has No Humidity

Even when you are living in a southern state, chances are that the humidity is going to be a lot lower during the winter. This is going to be a really big plus. Your makeup and hair is going to look a lot better as a result.

3. A Winter Wedding Will Offer Better Rates and More Dates for Venues

The majority of brides prefer a wedding during the warmer months. This means that you are going to have your pick of venue dates and you’re going to likely get a discount on the things that you need. Since they aren’t as busy during the winter months, there is likely going to be more haggle room. Autumn and winter is rough for venue owners and vendors because they have to juggle a lot of brides, logistics, vendors, families, and events. You’re going to have a lot more flexibility in the winter for early set up or late break down since chances are that there aren’t any other events directly following yours.

4. A Winter Wedding can Have Bonus & Free Decorations

Even though you may not have chosen that time because of a holiday, chances are that you’re going to reap the benefits of it. Almost any of the venues that you choose are going to have decorations for the holidays, which means that your already special day is going to feel even more special.

5. A Winter Wedding can Have Cheaper Travel & Accommodations

Hotel stays and travel will be at their highest prices during the summer since school is out and a lot of families are taking vacations. A winter wedding will allow your guests to get cheaper pricing for their accommodation and travel options. This could mean that people are able to attend your wedding that may not have been able to due to cost.

6. A Winter Wedding Won’t Come with Wedding Fatigue

If you have a lot of people who are around your age and are getting married, chances are that people will go to a lot of weddings. Guests, family and friends are going to feel tired of going to a lot of weddings in a short period of time, if everyone’s getting married in the spring and the summer. When you choose a winter wedding chances are that your guests will only have one or two weddings to go to.

7. A Winter Wedding is Something Different

One of the best things about getting married during the winter is it’s something different. From the flowers to the décor to the color palette, there are seasonal elements that can inspire your theme so that they are standing out and making your wedding memorable. There are so many options that you can use when you have a winter wedding.

8. A Winter Wedding is Great for Black Tie

If you want a wedding that’s more formal, you’re going to find that your guests are much more willing to wear black tie if you’re getting married when it’s cold than when it’s hot outside. A tuxedo and a long dress isn’t made for summer ceremonies in the hot weather. But they’re great for when you’re married during the colder months.

9. A Winter Wedding will Mean You’re More Comfortable

There are some people who don’t do well when it’s hot outside. If you are one of them, one of the best options that you have is to get married during the winter. You’re able to add layers to whatever you’re wearing so that you are warmer, but you aren’t able to take things off if it’s hot. If you don’t want to look sweaty and hot in your pictures, getting married in the wintertime is a great choice.

10. A Winter Wedding Means No Competing With Friends and Family

One of the advantages of getting married during the winter is that there aren’t going to be as many competitions for wedding dates. During the summer and spring, a lot of people are getting married and this could mean that you’re worrying about when your friend or family member is getting married. But when you do something different, like getting married during the winter, chances are that you won’t have to worry about who else is close to choosing that wedding date too. You don’t want to make people choose between you and someone else and have an argument!

These are the advantages of being married during the winter rather than the other seasons. You’re going to find you’re a lot less stressed and that you’re saving money. You also are going to have a lot more options when it comes to vendors. If you’re looking for a way to save money and to give you the options that you want to have, a winter wedding is the way that you want to go.

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