10 Elements to a Successful Party

Planning a party takes a lot of time and energy. But you want to make sure that the party is a good one and that everyone is going to have a good time. There is so much to think about! Below are ten essential elements that you can use to help your party to be a success and to make sure that everyone remembers your party and that you know that they will want come back to another party you have.

1. Make it Personal

You want to make sure you’re putting a personal spin on the party. Add something that makes it yours. You can make the party eco-friendly with sustainable products, showcase favorite artists, give out herbs in pots and recipes for using it, and many other things to make it truly unique.

2. Make the Party Unique

A lot of people do the same thing when it comes to a party. But why not do something different? Your friends are going to be remembering it for years to come. There are a lot of different things that you can do. Have a competition or feature wines from around the world.

3. Get Help

One of the biggest killers of parties is when the hostess is frantic. Make sure you have lots of time for preparation, and after it begins, try relaxing and enjoying yourself. If you haven’t hired any help, ask a few friends if they’re willing to help with things like cleaning dishes, pouring drinks and making sure there’s enough ice.

4. Put Info in the Invite

Along with telling people the place and time of the party, the invite also should let them know what’s going to happen during the party, particularly if its outside or if they should wear a certain type of clothing. You can email out the invites, but a phone call, printed invite, or personal note is really the way to go to invite people. Include your phone number if people are unable to come or ask them to RSVP if you’re in need of a true head count when it comes to favors, food, beverages, and other items.

5. Invite More People

Chances are that everyone you invite won’t be coming, so invite people based on that. Invite some new people and have a mix that is diverse so that things stay interesting. If the people that you are inviting have never met each other, you want to greet guests and introduce them to one another. Have something close by so that people are able to start settling in and feeling comfortable as your party starts.

6. Have a Time for Starting and Stopping

Set a precise time for starting and ending the party so your guests aren’t straggling in or staying too late. Guests will usually show up half an hour or more following the time that you stated since no one wants to come first. It’s a good idea to ask a few friends to come early to help with kicking the party off. You can also ask someone to help with corralling the guests who remain so that everyone gets out the door.

7. Dim Your Lights

If you don’t have the budget for lots of decorations, you can simply dim your lights and then light some candles. Change out some of the bulbs in lamps and put in the bulbs with a soft pink color. These will look like candlelight. You can buy some fresh flowers, too. Use different vases and use just one color or type of flower. Use the flowers individually or cluster them. A vase or bowl of limes also makes a great centerpiece.

8. Play Some Music

Music will play a huge roll in your party’s overall ambiance and mood. A mixture of some low-key tunes is great to start. Then increase the beat and volume as your night goes on and the levels of noise intensify. Give your guests some time to mingle, talk and mix and then increase your tempo as the party goes on. Make some playlists of favorite songs that are going to continuously during the party. If there is enough space and money for a DJ or live music, that’s also a good choice.

9. Make Sure the Food is Ample and Good

The majority of people aren’t going to be at your party just for your food. However, if you have bad food or you don’t have enough, people will complain. Make sure you’re planning for more food, utensils, drinks and ice than you’re thinking you’ll need. A lot of catering companies suggest that you pad the order by 10%. A lot will also automatically add 10% since they are going to look bad if you’ve underestimated how many people will come and you don’t have enough food. If you have food left over, you can always ask people if they want some or eat it yourself.

10. Entertainment

Having activities like games planned are a good idea. It will help with keeping people engaged. It’s a good idea to do something easy that doesn’t require much explanation. You can give each person a card that is printed with ten simple questions about the other guests. They have to go and interact with the other guests so that they can find out the answers. Prizes go to the three guests who get their answers. You can also use card games, board games, Wii, and karaoke to keep people having fun and enjoying themselves.

These are the elements that you want to have for your party to make sure that it will be a success. The next time you are planning a party, whether it’s a small one or a big one, you want to have these elements in your party to make sure that it’s successful. Not only will your guests have a lot of fun at your party, but you’ll be more relaxed knowing that everything at your party is taken care of and people are having a good time.

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