8 Tips for Planning Your Winter Wedding

Although most people think of weddings in spring and summer, having a winter wedding can be just as beautiful. It’s just important to remember that there can be other issues that you may have with a winter wedding that don’t happen other times of the year. Below are 8 tips that you can use when you’re planning a winter wedding to help it go well.

1. Plan for Some Extra Expenses

There are some things that are going to be more expensive when you are having a winter wedding. For example, airfare, destination hotels, and flowers. But if you are having a wedding in your home town you might be able to save some money since there are fewer weddings in the winter.

2. Plan for the Unexpected

There can be some unexpected variables that come with winter like, ice, snow, or rain. So make sure that you have plans in place in case the weather is bad. You can see if the hotel will offer a discount on extra nights. It’s also a good idea to encourage your guests to get there the day before, in case the weather’s bad.

3. Remember Transportation

This is important from the time you get into the car to go to the church or wherever you’re getting married to going to your reception to leaving for your honeymoon. Depending on the weather it could make things difficult.

4. Choose the Right Wedding Gown

Since winter often comes with colder weather, you will likely want to choose a dress with long sleeves or add a wrap over your dress. You also want to choose an alternative pair of shoes to wear outside and then change into your wedding shoes at the venue.

5. Choose the Right Bridesmaids Dresses

If you’re going to be cold, chances are so will your attendants. So choose dresses that will make your bridesmaids comfortable and warm. Wraps are also a good idea for them.

6. Embrace the Winter in Your Décor

There are so many great choices for decoration when it comes to a winter wedding – twinkling lights, candlelight, even little pine trees and ornaments if it’s around Christmastime.

7. Embrace Comfort Foods

A winter wedding is the perfect time to choose warm, heavy foods. Things like hot drinks, soups, and other choices are perfect. It’s likely to be cold, so when your guests come into your reception, a blazing fire and hot chocolate would be a warm welcome.

8. Find the Perfect Favors

This goes along with the décor ideas. Why not give your guests a wedding favor of a Christmas ornament or even a little fir tree? Embrace the season and find the perfect favor for them!

These are the tips that you can use when you’re planning a wedding in winter. Embrace the beautiful season and plan for the unexpected. When you have a plan in place for any type of problem, you can rest easier and enjoy planning your beautiful wedding in the winter time.

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